4 Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing

After reading an article written by Cindy King, I was inspired to write about the ways to successfully use social media marketing. Below I listed a few tips that will help companies to find success with their social media marketing campaigns.

Host Social Media Events- by getting your customers involved in your company, it will  help your company to spread through word of mouth. By offering a free pair of shoes, or a discount to a random customer who shares your link via Facebook, you are getting advertising for a very low cost.

win boots

Choose Your Images Wisely- Since the growth of Pinterest, more emphasis is being placed on images. Images catch the readers eye, and keep them interested in your blog post or email. Make sure that the picture communicates your message well and is memorable. Consider using an image of your product with your logo Photoshopped onto the top corner. They need to see the product, and also be able to associate it with your brand.

Get Social Media Metrics from Google Analytics- using Google Analytics will help you to gain knowledge of where your customers are coming from, and the number of people that are viewing your site. This can help your company to determine where they should put more of their effort.

Encourage Sharing of your Images through Pinterest- Images on your website should include a link at the top to “Pin This”. This will help your image to be seen by not only your customers, but by shoppers that may not have heard of your company yet. Viewers of all ages go to Pinterest to look for clothing and food. By having images from your website on Pinterest, it will link them back to your homepage if they click on a picture that they like. The best thing about Pinterest is that it recycles. If someone pins something they find on their homepage, a friend may repin it and then it will reappear on the homepage, and the cycle continues.

pinterest urban

Hope these tips help your company to start a successful social media marketing campaign!